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Cycling getting bigger and causing more accidents.

An interesting report from the Bike 4 Bangers library:

Biking is becoming big. Even bigger than it used to be. This article talks about some of the statistics for New York City alone. But, as this report points out, while biking has begun expanding around the edges of society, it is also causing some backlash towards cyclists.

The most important point, I think, of this article is the part about bikers FOLLOWING the rules of the road. Where possible, follow the rules put in place for vehicles. Sometimes it’s not always safe to do so, but where it is… do it!
Unfortunately, even in my little town, most cyclists still do all kinds of bass-ackwards maneuvers that cause problems for themselves and for others. I admit, sometimes it’s hard to deal with the problems of a poorly planned and executed infrastructure. Lord knows there are some TERRIBLE urban planners out there, who don’t have a single vision for the future without vehicles in it. But, we as bikers, wanting to draw others into our ranks, have to be exemplary examples of what a biker should be like. That is what our cities need.
What do you think? Am I nuts?

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A Bike-Boom Backlash

Biking is booming in New York City, with the number of daily cyclists rising to an average of 236,000 in 2009, up 26 percent from 2008, according to statistics compiled by Transportation Alternatives, a pro-biking nonprofit group.

“Cyclists, clean up your freaking act,” wrote Jen Benepe, a cycling blogger.

The Web site BikeBlogNYC urged “fellow cyclists” to heed the laws of the road. “Take those flip-flops off, put down that cellphone, put on a helmet, ride in the correct direction and pay attention,” read a recent post that, at the same time, mocked the WCBS series as sensationalist.

As for pedestrian injuries caused by rouge cyclists, WCBS’s report exposed what the city now admits is a gaping hole in its data-collection methods.



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Boulder biking scholarship event a BIG success

From the Bike 4 Bangers library of interesting events:

This bike ride, in Boulder Colorado, to help benefit about 50 college students is a huge success again. I love this idea, of having the entire community come together around an idea they are passionate about … biking, in order to help out other people around them.
AND, that it was such a success is great to hear.
Does your community do anything like this? I would love to see a lot more of these floating around the country. I would LOVE to take part in some of these great events.

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Boulder-area Venus de Miles bike ride draws 1,800 women

“We had just a spectacular turnout,” race founder Teresa Robbins said. “It was a great success.”

The ride included a “dream team” to provide inspiration and encouragement. The team of 14 well-known cyclists and community members included Alison Dunlap, a two-time Olympian and world champion mountain biker.

Also offering encouragement was the “Men in Drag” team — 20 men wearing fishnet, tutus and wigs who provided mechanical assistance and general event support. Plus, participants said, riders cheered each other on.

The event was expected to raise as much as $100,000 for the Boulder-based Greenhouse Scholars, a 5-year-old nonprofit organization that’s working to reduce the college drop-out rate.

Greenhouse Scholars provides intensive support, including scholarship money and a mentorship program, to “high-performing, under-resourced” students.Read more at

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Best Bike Shop EVER

A great new article from the Bike 4 Bangers archive.
I absolutely love this idea! AND, it has built in advertising ALL over it. This article is definitely worth a read, to find where on earth the best bike shop in teh world is located.
More shops in the U.S. need to take a tip from these guys get the word spread out far and wide.

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the Best Bike Shop EVER!

How it All Started

What’s the story behind the bikes on the walls? It all started when an employee asked Peter Horstmann, the owner, what to do with about 40 bikes that customers had brought in as trade ins. “Hang ’em on the wall,” Horstmann replied from his gut, and over time the number of bikes has increased to about 120.

best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo
best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo

The oldest bike on the wall is from 1933. There are all kinds of models, including one that a customer has recognized as a bike that was stolen from him in 1986 at a train station. The shop owner offered to return it to him, but he declined (guess he had bought another one since then).

best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo

The bike shop’s website can be found here: (in German)


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Can’t we all just get along? Bikers and Drivers?

This article spread a bit of sunshine across my day. Like the author, I too, almost always have negative associations with cars as I ride on my commutes and for fun. However, it is truly possible to connect with other people, even if they are driving a car.

Check out this article to learn about a far-too-infrequent connection that can happen between a driver and a biker.

Really, it’s a story about humans in general … how often do we ever connect with other strangers in a positive and meaningful way? Not often enough!
Al with Bike 4 Bangers

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Interactions between drivers and cyclists are often no fun for anybody. But not always!

I made it to the store, returned my DVD, and was unlocking my bike to ride back home when a tall stranger called out to me.
“I want you to know that you have convinced me to buy a bike.”
You may be wondering why I decided to share this tiny urban cycling vignette. In the big scheme of things it’s not all that important. But it brightened up my day like a ray of afternoon sunshine breaking through a blanket of San Francisco Bay Area fog and I just had to share the glee. Real human contact with a complete stranger is much rarer in our lives than it should be. And any time someone decides to ride a bike instead of driving a car is good for them and does the world a favor. And might even be good for someone else too, who isn’t riding a bike … yet.


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90% recycled bike

Another comment from Bike 4 Bangers
I love the clean look and feel of this new bike manufacturer Racer Rosa Bicycles.  90% of their production of parts of frame and components comes from re-used and recycled bikes and materials.  Not only is riding their bike good for you and the planet, but they are trying to make the production of their bikes ‘earth friendly’ as well.

“Just because you’re green on one side of your life, that doesn’t justify just ignoring another part. You should be as green as you can be,” says Diego Lombardi, co-owner of new start-up cycle maker Racer Rosa Bicycles. While bicycles are undeniably a green and pleasant form of transport, their production is largely tainted.

Racer Rosa’s ethos doesn’t just extend to frames though. Lombardi encourages buyers to use secondhand parts – taken off their old bikes and refurbished by Lombardi, or from vintage sources of quality “warehouse leftovers” that Racer Rosa sources. New parts, where used, are picked for quality and environmental credentials – using companies who manufacture entirely in the EU.

The end result is that the average Racer Rosa bike is more than 90% manufactured in Europe.

I like the idea.  We’ll see how they do as a company, trying to fit into a tight and very competitive market?


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The Fringe benefits of Biking

Another interesting note to add to the Bike 4 Bangers collection. Although cycling is on the fringes of society, it is gaining such a large following that it is truly becoming part of mainstream society. However, because there are so many adherents to biking, there are still PLENTY of extreme bikers around the world you can still become a part of.

This article showcases just a few of those fringe biking groups. I’m not sure why I never met any of these people when I was growing up, but now it seems they are all over the place. I have yet to meet any in my day-to-day living though.

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Bike jousting? Naked rides? There’s a cycling niche for everyone

Cycling in this country is not exactly mainstream, but it does seem to be on its way to achieving that status.

Commuting by bike has seen a huge increase in the last 10 years, and recreational and competitive cycling has also grown significantly. Growth leads to diversity and cycling has plenty of that. So what’s mainstream and what’s not these days?

Bike blog : the Naked Bike Ride in London

On that note we should mention bike jousting. You can probably work the mechanics of this out for yourselves, but to give it more of an edge ‘tall bikes’ are commonly used. These are usually two bike frames welded to create the extra height.

Artistic cycling is a sport recognised by the International Cycling Union, the world governing body for cycling. Think figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics, but on bikes.

take that to the extreme (remove clothes) and you get the World Naked Bike RideRead more at

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Cycling memorial a great piece of metal work

What a great memorial to an outstanding member of the cycling community. And I love the idea of this metal project spreading the word about cycling into the community. There is something awesome and inspiring about the graceful and geometric design of bike parts, and this piece catches some of that. Plus, it’s so large, it’s bound to inspire some riders who will hit the trail under it’s impressive stature.

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Huge bike sprocket arches to rise over memorial trail

They talked about the impact the archway will have on the local arts community, the sense of pride local bicyclists will feel riding under an enormous sprocket, and the camaraderie that has been built during the past eight months of planning.
It was in that moment that the project — a memorial to Steve Harrison — made complete sense.
Zorn said Harrison was far from ordinary, noting she wanted to do something extraordinary to remember him by.
“I didn’t want anything traditional,” Zorn said. “I wanted something more living that you would experience. Steve was active, he was full of life.”
Lindsay’s knowledge of bicycles has allowed the project to flourish, with the arches containing “bike nerd” details cyclists will appreciate, Lindsay said.
With the bike path owned by the city of Chico, Lindsay and Zorn had to work to gain permission to install the arches and donate the approximately $40,000 project to the city.


See more at

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Community bike ride is an art masterpiece

This was a fantastic idea to help create a sense of community among bikers. It’s a mixture of art, biking, community get-together and music. What a wonderful way to bring together members of a community who might never actually meet or greet each other, although they share a common passion.

Can we start one of these in my town? I would love it!

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Turn On (MP3s), Tune In and Ride

Now there is a new piece of interactive theater to take advantage of that feeling. Joyride is a group bike ride with a shared route and a common soundtrack. Riders equipped with MP3 players and headphones set off from the same point, pushing “play” simultaneously. They travel individually or in a pack, but each knows what the others are hearing. Gliding through the city on two wheels can already feel like being in a long tracking shot in a very personal movie, especially if you do it while listening to music. Joyride gives that experience an added dimension — an audience of participants.

David La, 31, who lives on the Upper West Side, did the ride as a tribute to the friend who got him into biking and died this year. “I loved it,” Mr. La said. “You would see some people bobbing their heads or sort of dancing on their bikes, and you knew exactly what beat they were listening to,” like “50 mobile clubs listening to the same D.J.”


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Commuter bicycle buying strategy loses some steam

I have never heard of this government backed commuter bike buying strategy, but it sounds pretty cool. Or, at least it did, until the government decided some people were working the bicycle buying system a little too hard.

Originally, buyers thought they would be able get KILLER deals on their bikes after riding them to work for 12-18 months. But, now, the value of purchasing the used bikes has gone up quite a bit.

Is it still worth it? I would like to hear how some riders are making out?


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Bad news for the Cycle to Work scheme

New tax rules could mean the end of bargain bikes
Bike Blog and Spectator : Cyclist by a green bicycle traffic light

Regular readers of the bike blog will know we are big fans of the government’s Cycle to Work initiative, which provides tax-free bikes to workers on a salary sacrifice scheme.

Alas, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has decided to spoil the party by changing (or at least clarifying) the rules, which means the lovely £1,000 carbon road bike you signed up for might not be quite the bargain you anticipated. Doomsayers suggest this could be the end of the very popular scheme.

At the end of the scheme (which usually lasts 12-18 months), employees are given the opportunity to buy back “their” bike for “the full market value”
he tax office have decided that a bike worth more than £500 new will be worth 25% of its original value one year on.Read more at

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Bicycling’s Monster Truck

This is a pretty cool article. This bike has absolutely no pragmatic reason to be in existence that I can see. But it has tons of coolness. To me, this thing looks like a monster truck/bike on steroids.
It was so cool I just had to share.

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A grown-up version of the Big Wheel

If you thought the Big Wheel was cool, check out the BigDog, a four person quadricycle.
“A wonderfully impractical assemblage of bicycle, go-cart, and golf-cart pieces and parts, drainage pipe, steel tubing, and patio chairs. This four-wheel vehicle allows four passengers to travel in minor discomfort at speeds approaching a brisk walk, for relatively short distances, on completely flat terrain.” Source: MAKE
Weighing in at 490 pounds, this cycle is big. The BigDog measures 11 feet 4 inches in length, 6 feet 4 inches in width, and has a height of 8 feet 6 inches.

See more at


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