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Bike ban Shocks Colorado town

WOW!  Another shock to the Bike 4 Bangers system.  I never would have thought a town in Colorado would ban cyclists.  It’s a little bit hard to fathom, although I can see how certain special interests can control an area.  Still, of all the states in this country with avid cyclists… Colorado is definitely at the top of my list. 


I am a little bit mystified by this development.  And, it seems, so are the cyclists who frequent the only road through town.   The city is saying it is a safety issue because of the large buses that drive through town for the casino.  I’m sure this is only the beginning:


L.A. Times bike ban article … instead of Lycra-clad fun-seekers and shabby-chic shops, Black Hawk is filled with tour buses and casinos.


And this summer, the town took an unprecedented step for a mountain community here — it banned bicycles from its main streets.

The problem: The roads were built for horses and buggies more than 100 years ago. Now they hold an armada of tour buses on the weekends. The Legislature, at the prodding of cycling groups, passed a law in 2009 requiring that motorists give bikes three feet of space if passing. That would force traffic in parts of Black Hawk to veer into the wrong side of the road, Copp said.

Or, countered Dan Grunig, executive director of Bicycle Colorado, motorists could do what they are required to do on other narrow thoroughfares — treat bicycles as any other type of vehicle and wait behind them.

Jamie Webb was the first rider to get cited. She didn’t notice the signs along Gregory with the image of a bicycle and a red slash through it, and figured she was being pulled over for speeding. Instead, Webb got a $68 ticket.



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