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Bicycling’s Monster Truck

This is a pretty cool article. This bike has absolutely no pragmatic reason to be in existence that I can see. But it has tons of coolness. To me, this thing looks like a monster truck/bike on steroids.
It was so cool I just had to share.

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A grown-up version of the Big Wheel

If you thought the Big Wheel was cool, check out the BigDog, a four person quadricycle.
“A wonderfully impractical assemblage of bicycle, go-cart, and golf-cart pieces and parts, drainage pipe, steel tubing, and patio chairs. This four-wheel vehicle allows four passengers to travel in minor discomfort at speeds approaching a brisk walk, for relatively short distances, on completely flat terrain.” Source: MAKE
Weighing in at 490 pounds, this cycle is big. The BigDog measures 11 feet 4 inches in length, 6 feet 4 inches in width, and has a height of 8 feet 6 inches.

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