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Community bike ride is an art masterpiece

This was a fantastic idea to help create a sense of community among bikers. It’s a mixture of art, biking, community get-together and music. What a wonderful way to bring together members of a community who might never actually meet or greet each other, although they share a common passion.

Can we start one of these in my town? I would love it!

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Turn On (MP3s), Tune In and Ride

Now there is a new piece of interactive theater to take advantage of that feeling. Joyride is a group bike ride with a shared route and a common soundtrack. Riders equipped with MP3 players and headphones set off from the same point, pushing “play” simultaneously. They travel individually or in a pack, but each knows what the others are hearing. Gliding through the city on two wheels can already feel like being in a long tracking shot in a very personal movie, especially if you do it while listening to music. Joyride gives that experience an added dimension — an audience of participants.

David La, 31, who lives on the Upper West Side, did the ride as a tribute to the friend who got him into biking and died this year. “I loved it,” Mr. La said. “You would see some people bobbing their heads or sort of dancing on their bikes, and you knew exactly what beat they were listening to,” like “50 mobile clubs listening to the same D.J.”


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