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90% recycled bike

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I love the clean look and feel of this new bike manufacturer Racer Rosa Bicycles.  90% of their production of parts of frame and components comes from re-used and recycled bikes and materials.  Not only is riding their bike good for you and the planet, but they are trying to make the production of their bikes ‘earth friendly’ as well.

“Just because you’re green on one side of your life, that doesn’t justify just ignoring another part. You should be as green as you can be,” says Diego Lombardi, co-owner of new start-up cycle maker Racer Rosa Bicycles. While bicycles are undeniably a green and pleasant form of transport, their production is largely tainted.

Racer Rosa’s ethos doesn’t just extend to frames though. Lombardi encourages buyers to use secondhand parts – taken off their old bikes and refurbished by Lombardi, or from vintage sources of quality “warehouse leftovers” that Racer Rosa sources. New parts, where used, are picked for quality and environmental credentials – using companies who manufacture entirely in the EU.

The end result is that the average Racer Rosa bike is more than 90% manufactured in Europe.

I like the idea.  We’ll see how they do as a company, trying to fit into a tight and very competitive market?



August 24, 2010 - Posted by | Cycling Technology and Design

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