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The Fringe benefits of Biking

Another interesting note to add to the Bike 4 Bangers collection. Although cycling is on the fringes of society, it is gaining such a large following that it is truly becoming part of mainstream society. However, because there are so many adherents to biking, there are still PLENTY of extreme bikers around the world you can still become a part of.

This article showcases just a few of those fringe biking groups. I’m not sure why I never met any of these people when I was growing up, but now it seems they are all over the place. I have yet to meet any in my day-to-day living though.

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Bike jousting? Naked rides? There’s a cycling niche for everyone

Cycling in this country is not exactly mainstream, but it does seem to be on its way to achieving that status.

Commuting by bike has seen a huge increase in the last 10 years, and recreational and competitive cycling has also grown significantly. Growth leads to diversity and cycling has plenty of that. So what’s mainstream and what’s not these days?

Bike blog : the Naked Bike Ride in London

On that note we should mention bike jousting. You can probably work the mechanics of this out for yourselves, but to give it more of an edge ‘tall bikes’ are commonly used. These are usually two bike frames welded to create the extra height.

Artistic cycling is a sport recognised by the International Cycling Union, the world governing body for cycling. Think figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics, but on bikes.

take that to the extreme (remove clothes) and you get the World Naked Bike RideRead more at


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