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Cycling getting bigger and causing more accidents.

An interesting report from the Bike 4 Bangers library:

Biking is becoming big. Even bigger than it used to be. This article talks about some of the statistics for New York City alone. But, as this report points out, while biking has begun expanding around the edges of society, it is also causing some backlash towards cyclists.

The most important point, I think, of this article is the part about bikers FOLLOWING the rules of the road. Where possible, follow the rules put in place for vehicles. Sometimes it’s not always safe to do so, but where it is… do it!
Unfortunately, even in my little town, most cyclists still do all kinds of bass-ackwards maneuvers that cause problems for themselves and for others. I admit, sometimes it’s hard to deal with the problems of a poorly planned and executed infrastructure. Lord knows there are some TERRIBLE urban planners out there, who don’t have a single vision for the future without vehicles in it. But, we as bikers, wanting to draw others into our ranks, have to be exemplary examples of what a biker should be like. That is what our cities need.
What do you think? Am I nuts?

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A Bike-Boom Backlash

Biking is booming in New York City, with the number of daily cyclists rising to an average of 236,000 in 2009, up 26 percent from 2008, according to statistics compiled by Transportation Alternatives, a pro-biking nonprofit group.

“Cyclists, clean up your freaking act,” wrote Jen Benepe, a cycling blogger.

The Web site BikeBlogNYC urged “fellow cyclists” to heed the laws of the road. “Take those flip-flops off, put down that cellphone, put on a helmet, ride in the correct direction and pay attention,” read a recent post that, at the same time, mocked the WCBS series as sensationalist.

As for pedestrian injuries caused by rouge cyclists, WCBS’s report exposed what the city now admits is a gaping hole in its data-collection methods.


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