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These bikes are REALLY pulling their loads.

Although I think these pictures have been augmented via Photoshop, it doesn’t really matter. I love the look! And the power it conveys about the abilities of bikes to carry a load is pretty awe-inspiring. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pictures ended up being authentic… I just can’t really see how it’s possible to carry that much stuff at once.
Do you know anything else about these pics? Please share with the Bike 4 Bangers readers.

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‘Totem’ series by Alaine Delorme

This photo series by Alaine Delorme is awesome. From the somewhat lacking translating power of google I couldn’t make out whether the photo manipulation is limited to colours and contrast etc. or whether the loads have been augmented/completely synthesized, but to be honest, I don’t care that much.

The loads carried by some people in Shanghai on bikes is so incredible I wouldn’t be too surprised if most of these were real, either way they’re beautiful

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Hiker / biker restaurant will have NO cars

I am constantly surprised by the amount of cars on the roads here in Florida. At times, it seems like there are almost NO alternative transportation users. On the other hand, it seems like cycling and other options are exploding in other areas (from what I read). Maybe it’s the heat here? No one wants to do anything but ride in their own comfortable A/C?
But, this article describes an attempt at a downtown hiker / biker restaurant only… no cars allowed. I LOVE this idea. And it looks like, because of the popularity of these alternative options, it could actually be a feasible idea. The fact that it might work is very cool! I hope it meets with huge success. It’s not that I don’t like or use cars… it’s just that most people NEVER try anything else. It’s good to see people doing something different succeeding.
Personally, I hope their hiker / biker restaurant is a raging success!
And adding in the repair shop while you eat… is also a KILLER idea!
Al at Bike 4 Bangers

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World’s First Bike-Path Cafe

Madison WI, is a town routinely voted one of the best places to live in America. Now’s there one more reason.
A restaurant on a bike bath, accessible only by foot or bicycle. The local State Journal reports on restaurateur Chris Berge’s plans for a cafe on the Madison’s Near West Side that would be “inaccessible by car, serve local food, produce zero garbage and cater to the city’s burgeoning bicycle population.”
The planned café would be open from April through October, and include a bicycle repair shop, so cyclists could grab a bite to eat while getting a tire fixed, or get a tune up along with lunch.  The many “green” features of the restaurant would include local food served on reusable plastic or ceramic dishes at seating made from tree trunks, beverages served in reusable mugs offered for purchase that fit into a bike holder, and a zero waste operation.

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Statistics on Bike Helmets

Another interesting article that lays out several studies and findings about the safety and efficacy of bike helmet use and laws. This article is definitely an interesting read, with LOTS of worthwhile statistics on using bike helmets.
What I do find interesting are the these alternative statements that say you motorists may avoid you more (give you a wider berth) if you’re not wearing a helmet, and that riders may actually ride more safely when they don’t wear a helmet. Those things seem counter-intuitive, but I have to wonder if they are true? In studying for our upcoming bike tour, a theme that came up repeatedly is that cars do go around you by a much wider margin if you are pulling a bike trailer.
What do you think?
Al from Bike 4 Bangers

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Bike Helmet Doubts

The bike helmet wikipedia page is dominated by helmet skeptics, and there are several well-argued skeptic pages out there, such as this page full of studies.  Consider, for example, the effects of a 1992 helmet law in Western Australia:
“enforced helmet laws discourage cycling but produce no obvious response in percentage of head injuries”. This study has been the subject of vigorous debate. …  The largest [study], covering eight million cyclist injuries over 15 years, showed no effect on serious injuries and a small but significant increase in risk of fatality. … The head injury rate in the US rose in this study by 40 % as helmet use rose from 18% to 50%
The countries with the best cycle safety records (Denmark and the Netherlands) have among the lowest levels of helmet use. …Read more at

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Old School Bicycles in Modern Day Bike Race (MUST see pictures)

This article is an absolute MUST read if you are at all interested in the history of bicycles. And the pictures … like watching pieces of the past float in front of your eyes today.
I almost can’t imagine seeing bicycles like this being ridden in America. What a COOL event to be a part of.
PLEASE let me know the next time you see one of these races being held in America. Bike 4 Bangers would LOVE to go and check it out.

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Penny farthings and bone shakers
Cycling’s answer to the Goodwood Festival of Speed was held in a quiet town south of Manchester on Sunday. Entrants on penny farthings, hobby horses and bone shakers raced around a 1km track laid out around the town’s heath
Bike blog: Enthusiasts Gather For Knutsford's Ten Yearly Penny Farthing Race
Cyclists prepare their penny farthings for the Great Knutsford Penny Farthing Race on 5 September 2010. The Knutsford Great Race is the only penny farthing event in the UK and competitors come from around the world. Original and replica cycles race around the moor and is only held once every 10 years. Competitors have to complete as many laps of the one kilometre course as many times as they can in the three-hour time limitRead more at

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Segway’s Older Bicycle Brother

Here is a pretty cool, picture slide-show compilation of some WILD and crazy bikes options you might see cruising around town. Although I would love to have all of these in the Bike 4 Bangers collection, I just don’t have the room or the money for all of these.
I especially like this one … it reminds of the Segway, before it was hit by the incredible shrinking machine.
Do you like ’em? Or are you more of a bike style purist?

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Crazy And Useful Bike Contraptions: Weird Bicycles (PHOTOS)

Interest in bikes as a sustainable and fun way to get around town has skyrocketed in recent years, but bicycle enthusiasts have been getting creative with their creations for years.

This slideshow is just a taste of all the great stuff out there, so send us your craziest and most useful bike contraptions!

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What the Fork?

I am SO loving the wild, cutting-edge bike designs that seem to popping up all over the world. Check out this forkless bicycle built as a graduation project.
Another creative bike to add to the Bike 4 Bangers wish list. I could just sit and stare at that thing for hours, marveling at the look of it.
What do you think? Killer design idea? Or death trap looking for a place to happen?

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Forkless Bicycle
Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila has always designed bicycles that can really surprise us. Look at the white bike below. It is his graduation project for Institute of Design in Lahti.
The odd bicycle just adopts a modified frame that is steered using handlebars connected to a steering rod that turns the front wheel.

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Are Cyclists as strange as we thought?

From the Bike 4 Bangers dust-gathering collection:
Interesting new research out of the U.K. is showing that cycling isn’t as ‘far-out’ as we may have thought. Or, at least, some motorists are showing a little bit of leniency to us.
This article is worth a definite read, if you’re interested in finding out where biking sits with a broad spectrum of the community. The only problem I have with this research, is that it only covers England. Even though most of the world is seems much more accustomed to cyclists, I am guessing the opinions here are quite a bit askew from those of us in the U.S.
What are your thoughts on this?

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Cyclists! The public thinks you’re cool and normal

Helen Blog bike : Bearded cyclist reading newspaper in a park

News just in from the world of academia: cycling is no longer considered the preserve of the sort of hippies historically associated with this newspaper. It is even widely thought of as “cool”. A professor told me so, and he has the stats to prove it.

What makes this survey worth listening to is that the vast majority of those who took part don’t actually cycle much, if at all.
Most respondents consider bike riding as normal (65%) and only 7% reckon cyclists are strange. Amusingly, those who cycle the most are disproportionately likely to think others consider them weird – 24% of those who use their bike at least once a week said they believed most normal people think cyclists were “a bit odd”. Read more at

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Explosion of bicycle use tough on some

Another Bike 4 Bangers update:
Although they are completely unprepared for the explosion of bikers they’ve faced this year, I really like the attitude this campus is taking towards the biking community. It seems like they want to work with cyclists and bike commuters to do the right thing, instead of pulling out the heavy-handed tactics from the start.
It’s odd to me how little foresight and planning some organizations put into alternative transportation in their overall planning, but I am hoping that America will start waking up to the diversity of options and alternatives that each and every person can use … especially when it comes to commuting options. I can’t help but think, eventually the U.S. will start looking more and more like other countries with more cyclists, scooters, and other forms of transportation.
What do you think?

Bike traffic increases

A sharp increase in campus bicycle traffic is leading university officials to take steps that will help ensure the safety and convenience of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

“There have been a few occasions where the racks by my building are just completely full,” Varner said.

“Some people don’t understand that chaining their bikes to hand rails and posts actually violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because it obstructs walkways,” Baker said. “It can also prevent our maintenance crews from doing their job in certain situations.”

Students using bicycles on campus have the option of registering their bikes with Parking Services. Registration is free and helps identify a bicycle’s owner in the event of theft or confiscation.


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Amazing temps in Central Florida today

A real life update from the <a href=>Bike 4 Bangers</a> archive:

What an amazing commute this morning.  It was like riding half way to work with a gigantic mister on.  You know, how Disney World has one mister for the entire park at each of their Florida parks?  It felt just like that.

Apparently it was about 71 degrees this morning.  Lovely!

And, last night at about 8:30 pm, was the first time I noticed that the temperature outside was about as cool as the temp inside … and we keep the inside of our house set at 78 degrees to help keep the cooling bill as low as humanly possible.

I just had to share.  I am SOOOO excited for winter to come to Florida, this heat is devastating for my enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Catch ya later!






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Scraper Bikes – an Intro

A cool new bike style discovered in the Bike 4 Bangers library:
I have never heard of this style of bike alteration, but I saw this article and just had to share some clips. It is a bit odd, but it looks totally cool. Apparently, they take their bikes and customize them with killer new additions and decorative features.
Let me know what you think of this new scraper bike style? Any pictures or more links so I can read more about this?
Al at Bike 4 Bangers

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Scraper Bike Movement: Deep Oakland Roots

Photos by Eric K. Arnold.
To really understand the Scraper Bike movement, one must experience it in its element: the turfs of East Oakland. 
Tyrone Stevenson – aka Baybe Champ the Scraper Bike King – founded the Original
Scraper Bike Team about four years ago. Since then, the Scraper Bikes have become a symbol of hope, an unexpected urban entry into the green movement, as well as a way for inner-city youth to do something positive, constructive and creative with their free time.
The Scraper Bikes were in full effect.

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