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Explosion of bicycle use tough on some

Another Bike 4 Bangers update:
Although they are completely unprepared for the explosion of bikers they’ve faced this year, I really like the attitude this campus is taking towards the biking community. It seems like they want to work with cyclists and bike commuters to do the right thing, instead of pulling out the heavy-handed tactics from the start.
It’s odd to me how little foresight and planning some organizations put into alternative transportation in their overall planning, but I am hoping that America will start waking up to the diversity of options and alternatives that each and every person can use … especially when it comes to commuting options. I can’t help but think, eventually the U.S. will start looking more and more like other countries with more cyclists, scooters, and other forms of transportation.
What do you think?

Bike traffic increases

A sharp increase in campus bicycle traffic is leading university officials to take steps that will help ensure the safety and convenience of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

“There have been a few occasions where the racks by my building are just completely full,” Varner said.

“Some people don’t understand that chaining their bikes to hand rails and posts actually violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because it obstructs walkways,” Baker said. “It can also prevent our maintenance crews from doing their job in certain situations.”

Students using bicycles on campus have the option of registering their bikes with Parking Services. Registration is free and helps identify a bicycle’s owner in the event of theft or confiscation.



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