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Statistics on Bike Helmets

Another interesting article that lays out several studies and findings about the safety and efficacy of bike helmet use and laws. This article is definitely an interesting read, with LOTS of worthwhile statistics on using bike helmets.
What I do find interesting are the these alternative statements that say you motorists may avoid you more (give you a wider berth) if you’re not wearing a helmet, and that riders may actually ride more safely when they don’t wear a helmet. Those things seem counter-intuitive, but I have to wonder if they are true? In studying for our upcoming bike tour, a theme that came up repeatedly is that cars do go around you by a much wider margin if you are pulling a bike trailer.
What do you think?
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Bike Helmet Doubts

The bike helmet wikipedia page is dominated by helmet skeptics, and there are several well-argued skeptic pages out there, such as this page full of studies.  Consider, for example, the effects of a 1992 helmet law in Western Australia:
“enforced helmet laws discourage cycling but produce no obvious response in percentage of head injuries”. This study has been the subject of vigorous debate. …  The largest [study], covering eight million cyclist injuries over 15 years, showed no effect on serious injuries and a small but significant increase in risk of fatality. … The head injury rate in the US rose in this study by 40 % as helmet use rose from 18% to 50%
The countries with the best cycle safety records (Denmark and the Netherlands) have among the lowest levels of helmet use. …Read more at

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