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Hiker / biker restaurant will have NO cars

I am constantly surprised by the amount of cars on the roads here in Florida. At times, it seems like there are almost NO alternative transportation users. On the other hand, it seems like cycling and other options are exploding in other areas (from what I read). Maybe it’s the heat here? No one wants to do anything but ride in their own comfortable A/C?
But, this article describes an attempt at a downtown hiker / biker restaurant only… no cars allowed. I LOVE this idea. And it looks like, because of the popularity of these alternative options, it could actually be a feasible idea. The fact that it might work is very cool! I hope it meets with huge success. It’s not that I don’t like or use cars… it’s just that most people NEVER try anything else. It’s good to see people doing something different succeeding.
Personally, I hope their hiker / biker restaurant is a raging success!
And adding in the repair shop while you eat… is also a KILLER idea!
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World’s First Bike-Path Cafe

Madison WI, is a town routinely voted one of the best places to live in America. Now’s there one more reason.
A restaurant on a bike bath, accessible only by foot or bicycle. The local State Journal reports on restaurateur Chris Berge’s plans for a cafe on the Madison’s Near West Side that would be “inaccessible by car, serve local food, produce zero garbage and cater to the city’s burgeoning bicycle population.”
The planned café would be open from April through October, and include a bicycle repair shop, so cyclists could grab a bite to eat while getting a tire fixed, or get a tune up along with lunch.  The many “green” features of the restaurant would include local food served on reusable plastic or ceramic dishes at seating made from tree trunks, beverages served in reusable mugs offered for purchase that fit into a bike holder, and a zero waste operation.

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