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Old School Bicycles in Modern Day Bike Race (MUST see pictures)

This article is an absolute MUST read if you are at all interested in the history of bicycles. And the pictures … like watching pieces of the past float in front of your eyes today.
I almost can’t imagine seeing bicycles like this being ridden in America. What a COOL event to be a part of.
PLEASE let me know the next time you see one of these races being held in America. Bike 4 Bangers would LOVE to go and check it out.

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Penny farthings and bone shakers
Cycling’s answer to the Goodwood Festival of Speed was held in a quiet town south of Manchester on Sunday. Entrants on penny farthings, hobby horses and bone shakers raced around a 1km track laid out around the town’s heath
Bike blog: Enthusiasts Gather For Knutsford's Ten Yearly Penny Farthing Race
Cyclists prepare their penny farthings for the Great Knutsford Penny Farthing Race on 5 September 2010. The Knutsford Great Race is the only penny farthing event in the UK and competitors come from around the world. Original and replica cycles race around the moor and is only held once every 10 years. Competitors have to complete as many laps of the one kilometre course as many times as they can in the three-hour time limitRead more at

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Scraper Bikes – an Intro

A cool new bike style discovered in the Bike 4 Bangers library:
I have never heard of this style of bike alteration, but I saw this article and just had to share some clips. It is a bit odd, but it looks totally cool. Apparently, they take their bikes and customize them with killer new additions and decorative features.
Let me know what you think of this new scraper bike style? Any pictures or more links so I can read more about this?
Al at Bike 4 Bangers

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Scraper Bike Movement: Deep Oakland Roots

Photos by Eric K. Arnold.
To really understand the Scraper Bike movement, one must experience it in its element: the turfs of East Oakland. 
Tyrone Stevenson – aka Baybe Champ the Scraper Bike King – founded the Original
Scraper Bike Team about four years ago. Since then, the Scraper Bikes have become a symbol of hope, an unexpected urban entry into the green movement, as well as a way for inner-city youth to do something positive, constructive and creative with their free time.
The Scraper Bikes were in full effect.

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