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What the Fork?

I am SO loving the wild, cutting-edge bike designs that seem to popping up all over the world. Check out this forkless bicycle built as a graduation project.
Another creative bike to add to the Bike 4 Bangers wish list. I could just sit and stare at that thing for hours, marveling at the look of it.
What do you think? Killer design idea? Or death trap looking for a place to happen?

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Forkless Bicycle
Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila has always designed bicycles that can really surprise us. Look at the white bike below. It is his graduation project for Institute of Design in Lahti.
The odd bicycle just adopts a modified frame that is steered using handlebars connected to a steering rod that turns the front wheel.

See more at



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Are Cyclists as strange as we thought?

From the Bike 4 Bangers dust-gathering collection:
Interesting new research out of the U.K. is showing that cycling isn’t as ‘far-out’ as we may have thought. Or, at least, some motorists are showing a little bit of leniency to us.
This article is worth a definite read, if you’re interested in finding out where biking sits with a broad spectrum of the community. The only problem I have with this research, is that it only covers England. Even though most of the world is seems much more accustomed to cyclists, I am guessing the opinions here are quite a bit askew from those of us in the U.S.
What are your thoughts on this?

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Cyclists! The public thinks you’re cool and normal

Helen Blog bike : Bearded cyclist reading newspaper in a park

News just in from the world of academia: cycling is no longer considered the preserve of the sort of hippies historically associated with this newspaper. It is even widely thought of as “cool”. A professor told me so, and he has the stats to prove it.

What makes this survey worth listening to is that the vast majority of those who took part don’t actually cycle much, if at all.
Most respondents consider bike riding as normal (65%) and only 7% reckon cyclists are strange. Amusingly, those who cycle the most are disproportionately likely to think others consider them weird – 24% of those who use their bike at least once a week said they believed most normal people think cyclists were “a bit odd”. Read more at

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Explosion of bicycle use tough on some

Another Bike 4 Bangers update:
Although they are completely unprepared for the explosion of bikers they’ve faced this year, I really like the attitude this campus is taking towards the biking community. It seems like they want to work with cyclists and bike commuters to do the right thing, instead of pulling out the heavy-handed tactics from the start.
It’s odd to me how little foresight and planning some organizations put into alternative transportation in their overall planning, but I am hoping that America will start waking up to the diversity of options and alternatives that each and every person can use … especially when it comes to commuting options. I can’t help but think, eventually the U.S. will start looking more and more like other countries with more cyclists, scooters, and other forms of transportation.
What do you think?

Bike traffic increases

A sharp increase in campus bicycle traffic is leading university officials to take steps that will help ensure the safety and convenience of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists alike.

“There have been a few occasions where the racks by my building are just completely full,” Varner said.

“Some people don’t understand that chaining their bikes to hand rails and posts actually violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because it obstructs walkways,” Baker said. “It can also prevent our maintenance crews from doing their job in certain situations.”

Students using bicycles on campus have the option of registering their bikes with Parking Services. Registration is free and helps identify a bicycle’s owner in the event of theft or confiscation.


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Amazing temps in Central Florida today

A real life update from the <a href=>Bike 4 Bangers</a> archive:

What an amazing commute this morning.  It was like riding half way to work with a gigantic mister on.  You know, how Disney World has one mister for the entire park at each of their Florida parks?  It felt just like that.

Apparently it was about 71 degrees this morning.  Lovely!

And, last night at about 8:30 pm, was the first time I noticed that the temperature outside was about as cool as the temp inside … and we keep the inside of our house set at 78 degrees to help keep the cooling bill as low as humanly possible.

I just had to share.  I am SOOOO excited for winter to come to Florida, this heat is devastating for my enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Catch ya later!






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Scraper Bikes – an Intro

A cool new bike style discovered in the Bike 4 Bangers library:
I have never heard of this style of bike alteration, but I saw this article and just had to share some clips. It is a bit odd, but it looks totally cool. Apparently, they take their bikes and customize them with killer new additions and decorative features.
Let me know what you think of this new scraper bike style? Any pictures or more links so I can read more about this?
Al at Bike 4 Bangers

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Scraper Bike Movement: Deep Oakland Roots

Photos by Eric K. Arnold.
To really understand the Scraper Bike movement, one must experience it in its element: the turfs of East Oakland. 
Tyrone Stevenson – aka Baybe Champ the Scraper Bike King – founded the Original
Scraper Bike Team about four years ago. Since then, the Scraper Bikes have become a symbol of hope, an unexpected urban entry into the green movement, as well as a way for inner-city youth to do something positive, constructive and creative with their free time.
The Scraper Bikes were in full effect.

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Cycling getting bigger and causing more accidents.

An interesting report from the Bike 4 Bangers library:

Biking is becoming big. Even bigger than it used to be. This article talks about some of the statistics for New York City alone. But, as this report points out, while biking has begun expanding around the edges of society, it is also causing some backlash towards cyclists.

The most important point, I think, of this article is the part about bikers FOLLOWING the rules of the road. Where possible, follow the rules put in place for vehicles. Sometimes it’s not always safe to do so, but where it is… do it!
Unfortunately, even in my little town, most cyclists still do all kinds of bass-ackwards maneuvers that cause problems for themselves and for others. I admit, sometimes it’s hard to deal with the problems of a poorly planned and executed infrastructure. Lord knows there are some TERRIBLE urban planners out there, who don’t have a single vision for the future without vehicles in it. But, we as bikers, wanting to draw others into our ranks, have to be exemplary examples of what a biker should be like. That is what our cities need.
What do you think? Am I nuts?

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A Bike-Boom Backlash

Biking is booming in New York City, with the number of daily cyclists rising to an average of 236,000 in 2009, up 26 percent from 2008, according to statistics compiled by Transportation Alternatives, a pro-biking nonprofit group.

“Cyclists, clean up your freaking act,” wrote Jen Benepe, a cycling blogger.

The Web site BikeBlogNYC urged “fellow cyclists” to heed the laws of the road. “Take those flip-flops off, put down that cellphone, put on a helmet, ride in the correct direction and pay attention,” read a recent post that, at the same time, mocked the WCBS series as sensationalist.

As for pedestrian injuries caused by rouge cyclists, WCBS’s report exposed what the city now admits is a gaping hole in its data-collection methods.


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Boulder biking scholarship event a BIG success

From the Bike 4 Bangers library of interesting events:

This bike ride, in Boulder Colorado, to help benefit about 50 college students is a huge success again. I love this idea, of having the entire community come together around an idea they are passionate about … biking, in order to help out other people around them.
AND, that it was such a success is great to hear.
Does your community do anything like this? I would love to see a lot more of these floating around the country. I would LOVE to take part in some of these great events.

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Boulder-area Venus de Miles bike ride draws 1,800 women

“We had just a spectacular turnout,” race founder Teresa Robbins said. “It was a great success.”

The ride included a “dream team” to provide inspiration and encouragement. The team of 14 well-known cyclists and community members included Alison Dunlap, a two-time Olympian and world champion mountain biker.

Also offering encouragement was the “Men in Drag” team — 20 men wearing fishnet, tutus and wigs who provided mechanical assistance and general event support. Plus, participants said, riders cheered each other on.

The event was expected to raise as much as $100,000 for the Boulder-based Greenhouse Scholars, a 5-year-old nonprofit organization that’s working to reduce the college drop-out rate.

Greenhouse Scholars provides intensive support, including scholarship money and a mentorship program, to “high-performing, under-resourced” students.Read more at

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Best Bike Shop EVER

A great new article from the Bike 4 Bangers archive.
I absolutely love this idea! AND, it has built in advertising ALL over it. This article is definitely worth a read, to find where on earth the best bike shop in teh world is located.
More shops in the U.S. need to take a tip from these guys get the word spread out far and wide.

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the Best Bike Shop EVER!

How it All Started

What’s the story behind the bikes on the walls? It all started when an employee asked Peter Horstmann, the owner, what to do with about 40 bikes that customers had brought in as trade ins. “Hang ’em on the wall,” Horstmann replied from his gut, and over time the number of bikes has increased to about 120.

best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo
best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo

The oldest bike on the wall is from 1933. There are all kinds of models, including one that a customer has recognized as a bike that was stolen from him in 1986 at a train station. The shop owner offered to return it to him, but he declined (guess he had bought another one since then).

best bike shop ever Altlandsberg germany photo

The bike shop’s website can be found here: (in German)


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Can’t we all just get along? Bikers and Drivers?

This article spread a bit of sunshine across my day. Like the author, I too, almost always have negative associations with cars as I ride on my commutes and for fun. However, it is truly possible to connect with other people, even if they are driving a car.

Check out this article to learn about a far-too-infrequent connection that can happen between a driver and a biker.

Really, it’s a story about humans in general … how often do we ever connect with other strangers in a positive and meaningful way? Not often enough!
Al with Bike 4 Bangers

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Interactions between drivers and cyclists are often no fun for anybody. But not always!

I made it to the store, returned my DVD, and was unlocking my bike to ride back home when a tall stranger called out to me.
“I want you to know that you have convinced me to buy a bike.”
You may be wondering why I decided to share this tiny urban cycling vignette. In the big scheme of things it’s not all that important. But it brightened up my day like a ray of afternoon sunshine breaking through a blanket of San Francisco Bay Area fog and I just had to share the glee. Real human contact with a complete stranger is much rarer in our lives than it should be. And any time someone decides to ride a bike instead of driving a car is good for them and does the world a favor. And might even be good for someone else too, who isn’t riding a bike … yet.


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90% recycled bike

Another comment from Bike 4 Bangers
I love the clean look and feel of this new bike manufacturer Racer Rosa Bicycles.  90% of their production of parts of frame and components comes from re-used and recycled bikes and materials.  Not only is riding their bike good for you and the planet, but they are trying to make the production of their bikes ‘earth friendly’ as well.

“Just because you’re green on one side of your life, that doesn’t justify just ignoring another part. You should be as green as you can be,” says Diego Lombardi, co-owner of new start-up cycle maker Racer Rosa Bicycles. While bicycles are undeniably a green and pleasant form of transport, their production is largely tainted.

Racer Rosa’s ethos doesn’t just extend to frames though. Lombardi encourages buyers to use secondhand parts – taken off their old bikes and refurbished by Lombardi, or from vintage sources of quality “warehouse leftovers” that Racer Rosa sources. New parts, where used, are picked for quality and environmental credentials – using companies who manufacture entirely in the EU.

The end result is that the average Racer Rosa bike is more than 90% manufactured in Europe.

I like the idea.  We’ll see how they do as a company, trying to fit into a tight and very competitive market?


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