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The Next Generation of Bicycle?

I am loving the look and ideas behind this new bicycle. The designer is calling this bike 2.0, and I might be inclined to agree with him. The look of this thing is AWESOME, even my daughter commented that this would look great in a bright, lime green.
Well done!

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What was the grand winning design? Bike 2.0: Next Generation Bicycle. From the designer:

Bike 2.0 the next generation bicycle, will give you more fun with energy boosts when you are cruising around. It makes you daily ride more comfortable with energy leveling and the stepless gearbox. You can even add the seat-tube battery and get there faster. Bike 2.0 has a generator and wires instead of a chain, so you will never get oily pants or fingers from the chain again. The two wireless control-units will control any aspect of your ride. You can easily control all this with the two wireless rings on the handlebar.




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Loving the bicycle chain look of this table!

I’m not sure if the designers were going for a bicycle look with this table, but I am thrilled with the bicycle chain effect. And the practical uses for a table like this seem pretty limitless.

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the Elos table by Nódesign team assumes different shapes and sizes, making this product a high adaptive capacity furniture.



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